Global and Australian carbon emissions

A friend of mine, Daniel Yeow, recently shared this incredible flowchart he found:

Flow chart of global emissions from the World Resources Institute from 2000 (click to visit)

Here’s my [nowhere near as cool!] version for Australia, built from data on the Australian government climate change website on 7th April, 2011:

(This does not include one of the emissions’ categories, ‘Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry activities’, as it is only estimated annually, not quarterly.)


3 thoughts on “Global and Australian carbon emissions

  1. Daniel

    I like…

    I wonder what the breakdown of our electricity generation in Australia is? I have a feeling that there is a lot of coal, and not much else. Here in Denmark, some ridiculous amount (over 25% I think) comes from wind power. I think Holland has a similar figure.

    1. Michael Bertolacci Post author

      That’s a good idea, I could probably get the numbers for that fairly easily. I’ll take a look later and update the diagram.

      Wind power produces 15% of South Australia’s capacity, I think.

  2. Lachlan

    Nice. In other words, changing the way we generate electricity really would tackle a large chunk of the problem.

    I’m not surprised, but it is elegant to see it so nicely presented.


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